A wood fence is still the favorite type of fence for the home owner. It is attractive, cost efficient and can be installed very quickly. Options include: steel posts, lattice topping and picture frame style. For extra privacy, overlapped fence boards and double lattice are options.

Chainlink Fences for Dallas
A very common fence solution for simple containment purposes. Security fences can be any height with optional razor or barbed wire. Tennis courts can be fitted with wind screen. Animal enclosures are also a common use.

Wrought Iron Fences for Dallas
Another favorite of Bear Fence customers, the wrought iron fence serves well as a gate (as seen in the picture at the left), as a garden or pool fence, a patio fence, or in any situation where visibility is as important to the customer as security.

Vinyl Fences for Dallas
Standard pricing is difficult, because costs are calculated for 8 foot whole sections. Remaining sections of cut fence may not be useable.

Vinyl fence is a new technology of a manufactured style of fence that is becoming more popular among residential customers. The major reason for its increasing popularity is the ease of maintenance. Constructed of high-tech polyvinyl compounds and backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime, limited warranty.
CLC General Contracting Fence is a family owned and operated business. We have been in the fence industry since 1962 and have installed many fences in Dallas, Riverside & Orange Counties. Specializing in all types of Wood, Chain-link, Iron and Vinyl fencing.The construction business runs deep in our family. We know first hand that having business interlinked with family is a special situation. We share resources, benefiting from each other’s knowledge and expertise. We challenge each other to do our best every day. Our challenges and history are what make us strong. It is with this commitment that we have had the opportunity to expand our business and participate in the betterment of our communities… making your house a home.

CLC General Contracting Fence primarily serve Dallas County and surrounding communities. Thank you for your interest in CLC General Contracting Fence as you fencing contractor / company.

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