No matter where you are in the country, picking a material to cover your home’s exterior is an important decision. The outside of your home is seen by everyone who passes, and it is the first thing guests will notice when they come over. Additionally, your home’s siding plays an important role in the function of your house by protecting it from the elements and providing insulation.


Home siding is one of the most noticeable aspects of exterior design. Choosing the right siding materials is crucial, then, to your home design. Fiber cement siding has become a very popular choice among architects, contractors and homeowners alike.


Click Here to learn more about the benefits of fiber cement siding. At Excel Siding we install both fiber cement and natural wood products, with the same skill and quality.
There’s no place like home. And you want to enjoy your free time there without the hassles of constant home maintenance. That’s why vinyl siding is the right choice for you.
Schedule Your In-Home Siding Installation Consultation

currently available in most CLC General Contracting – contact CLC General Contracting for details

When you schedule your in-home consultation with us, one of our experienced in-home project specialists will:

* Visit your home to determine the right combination of siding materials and installation services for your project and your budget
* Prepare an estimate with an all-inclusive price covering materials and labor
* Discuss financing options, including the CLC General Contracting’s Project Card and credit options
* Coordinate the project management team that takes care of you and your siding installation from start to finish

Choose Your Materials and Design

Choose the vinyl siding to fit your home’s style.

CLC General Contracting’s offers several Georgia-Pacific brand vinyl-siding products that will suit your home and budget. Your CLC General Contracting’s Sales Associate will assist you with some of these important selection considerations:

* Thickness adds durability to a panel, and your choice of siding panel thicknesses range from .040″ to .046″
* Finish / texture refers to the appearance of the panel. Choose from a freshly brushed look – variegated tone-on-tone that looks like stained wood or hand-cut cedar shake and scallop finishes
* Color. While white and neutral colors are always a classic choice, a full palette of popular colors is available
* Profile describes both the shape and height of the boards. A panel’s profile largely determines the exterior look of a home
o Dutch Lap
o Traditional Lap
o Shake and Scallop Specialty Siding

Choose vinyl soffit and trim coil for peace of mind.
Lowe’s offers a full complement of vinyl soffit, as well as trim coil for carefree maintenance. Ask a sales associate to help you select the soffit and trim coil that’s right for your project.

Choose vinyl-siding accessories to create maximum curb appeal.
Every detail counts when it comes to creating a home that makes a lasting impression. Shutters, vinyl accessories, and trim add that special, customized look to your home.

We carry trusted vinyl siding brands:

* Vision Pro
Versatile vinyl-siding choices are available in traditional and Dutch lap profiles in .040″ thickness
* Cedar Lane Select
Vinyl siding with the natural look of stained wood, available in traditional and Dutch lap profiles in a premium .046″ thickness
* Forest Ridge
The classic look of traditional lap siding in a durable .042″ thickness
* Cedar Spectrum Shingle Siding
An attractive and durable alternative to hand-cut wood shakes
* Cedar Spectrum Round Cut Siding
Realistic look of traditional wood scallops for a perfect, customized accent
* Shadow Ridge
Distinctive Dutch lap profile in a durable .042″ thickness

Your Siding Installer Will:

* Arrange delivery of your new vinyl siding if you are within 20 miles (one way) of a CLC General Contracting
* Prepare your home’s exterior walls for siding installation (includes nailing loose boards, scraping loose caulking, or other buildup and removal of items that interfere with installation)
* Protect your home with fanfold insulation or house wrap
* Ensure proper installation of the vinyl siding; plus any starter strips; inside and outside corners; and trim around windows, doors, roof lines, and gables
* Clean up once the job is done

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